Press Releases & Statements

March 13, 2024
AACTE Announces CEO’s Plans to Retire 

March 12, 2024
AACTE Statement on President Biden’s FY 2025 Budget

February 22, 2024
AACTE Launches Inspiring Brand Refresh at 2024 Annual Meeting

February 22, 2024
Grenot-Scheyer of California State University Assumes Role as AACTE Board Chair

February 14, 2024
AACTE Annual Meeting Brings the Future of Ed Prep to Colorado

January 10, 2024
AACTE Announces 2024 National Awardees for Achievements in Educator Preparation

July 27, 2023
AACTE Joins Education, Labor Departments in Release of National Guideline Standards for Teaching Apprenticeships

July 5, 2023
AACTE Statement on the SCOTUS Decision on Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

June 29, 2023
AACTE Statement on the SCOTUS Decision on Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard University

March 1, 2023
Monika Williams Shealey of Rowan University Becomes AACTE Board Chair

February 17, 2023
AACTE Congratulates Inaugural Recipients of Augustus F. Hawkins Centers of Excellence Grants

February 16, 2023
AACTE Announces 2023 National Award Winners

January 26, 2023
AACTE Receives Support from the Longview Foundation to Create a Global Education Faculty Professional Learning Community

January 17, 2023
AACTE Invites Education Leaders to Register for its Annual Meeting in Indianapolis Addressing the Needs of Today’s Educators and Future Teachers  

December 1, 2022
New Data: AACTE Finds College and University-Based Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs More Effectively Address Educator Shortage than Alternative Programs Outside of Higher Ed