Press Releases & Statements

December 18, 2020
The Nominee the Country Needs to Build Education Back Better

December 15, 2020
AACTE Announces 2020 Technology Implementation Grant Recipients

December 8, 2020
AACTE Statement on University of South Florida College of Education

November 2, 2020
AACTE Urges Educators to Resist Attacks on Critical Race Theory in Education

October 26, 2020
AACTE Issue Briefs Examine Education Degrees Trends and Future Implications for Teacher Workforce

October 13, 2020
AACTE Issue Brief Explores Financial Challenges Facing Future Teachers

September 23, 2020
AACTE Issues 10 State Recommendations for Educator Preparation Programs and New Teachers During Global Crisis

September 9, 2020
AACTE’s Inaugural Virtual Conference Convenes Teacher Educators and Students From Across the Nation to Advocate for Educator Preparation

September 8, 2020
Students of Color Advocate for Educator Preparation during AACTE’s Washington Week | Rep. Bobby Scott to Deliver Keynote

August 3, 2020
AACTE Statement on ICE Guidance for International Students at U.S. Colleges and Universities

July 15, 2020
AACTE Statement on Federal Government Push to Reopen Schools Prematurely

June 25, 2020
AACTE Celebrates SCOTUS Decisions Supporting Diversified Educator Workforce

June 4, 2020
AACTE Board of Directors Calls Educators to Courageous Action on Race Matters in America

June 3, 2020
Survey Shows Widening Gap in Supply of Teachers Coming in the Fall

June 2, 2020
AACTE President and CEO Speaks on the Killing of George Floyd and Systemic Racism