Established in 1948, AACTE is the leading voice in educator preparation. AACTE’s member institutions and programs prepare the greatest number of professional educators in the United States and its territories, including teachers, counselors, administrators, and college faculty. These professional educators are prepared for careers in PK-12 classrooms, colleges and universities, state and governmental agencies, policy institutes, and non-profit organizations. The AACTE alliance of colleges and universities and educator preparation programs collaborates with members and partners to advance the field of education by prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, and engaging in research-based inquiry, advocacy, and innovative practice.

AACTE has released its latest membership tool, a one-page profile that shares members statistics and much more, including strategic priorities, educational offerings, and professional development opportunities.

Member Spotlight

AACTE’s new Member Spotlight features an individual from a member institution each month, highlighting how their work makes a difference in classrooms across the country.

Member Spotlight: Amy Ginsberg Previews #AACTE24 Learning Lab for Increasing Educator Diversity

Member Spotlight: Nicholas Hartlep Previews #AACTE Featured Session Highlighting Solutions to Diversify Leadership in IHEs

Member Spotlight: Lin Wu

AACTE Affinity Program

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Members get free access to JTE, AACTE’s highly regarded, peer-reviewed journal on policy, practice, and research, published 5 times a year. Learn more about JTE.

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Benefits of AACTE membership include a range of programs and services. For details, click on the links below, or contact the Membership Department at or 202-478-4516.