Press Releases & Statements

June 25, 2020
AACTE Celebrates SCOTUS Decisions Supporting Diversified Educator Workforce

June 4, 2020
AACTE Board of Directors Calls Educators to Courageous Action on Race Matters in America

June 3, 2020
Survey Shows Widening Gap in Supply of Teachers Coming in the Fall

June 2, 2020
AACTE President and CEO Speaks on the Killing of George Floyd and Systemic Racism

May 7, 2020
AACTE and Mursion collaborate to support teacher preparation through coronavirus

March 2, 2020
Ann Larson at University of Louisville Becomes AACTE Board Chair

February 29, 2020
America’s Colleges for Teacher Education Gather in Atlanta

February 21, 2020
National Teacher Educators Conference in Atlanta to Explore Actions Needed to Establish a Sustainable and Diverse Profession

February 21, 2020
Leading Educators to Focus on Equity and Inclusivity at the AACTE 2020 Annual Meeting in Atlanta

February 21, 2020
The Nation’s Teacher Educators to Convene in Atlanta at the AACTE 2020 Annual Meeting

February 10, 2020
AACTE Announces 2020 National Award Winners

October 24, 2019
Leading Educator Preparation Association Releases New Strategic Plan

October 10, 2019
20 AACTE Member Institutions Receive 2019 Teacher Quality Partnership Grants

June 3, 2019
Teacher Educators and Students Advocate for Educator Preparation at AACTE’s Washington Week in the Nation’s Capital

May 20, 2019
AACTE Launches Special Education Networked Improvement Community