Global Education Faculty Professional Learning Community

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In November 2022, the Longview Foundation awarded AACTE with a grant in support of the creation of a Global Education Faculty Professional Learning Community (PLC).  

The Global Education Faculty (PLC ) provides a peer support network and professional development to faculty at comprehensive teacher preparation programs to effectively integrate global teaching competencies within their curriculum and practices. 

This PLC addresses the gaps in faculty professional development that limit the integration of global perspectives and internalization within teacher education programs. Faculty gain the skills necessary to prepare globally competent teachers through virtual workshops, seminars, access to digital resources, and collaboration across institutions. 

Participants collaborate in order to achieve the following goals: 

  • To increase teacher education faculty’s knowledge and skills to enhance their ability to prepare teachers with global competencies to teach all learners. 
  • To develop and maintain professional networks for teacher education faculty to collaborate and share best practices and resources on global education issues. 
  • To identify and elevate innovative and exemplary programs and models that train teachers and faculty to better understand and implement global perspectives. 

Participants are required to attend virtual monthly professional development workshops and contribute weekly to AACTE’s Global Ed Faculty PLC online community on Connect360. 

If you are interested in learning more about this community, please contact Brooke Evans at