75 Days I 75 Ways to Advocate for Education

About 75 Days | 75 Ways

The 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign is designed to commemorate AACTE’s 75th anniversary. The goal is to raise national awareness about the importance of advocating for changes that elevate education and education preparation to ensure all learners receive a high-quality, equitable education.

75 Days | 75 Ways aims to provide actionable steps everyone can take at the local, state, and federal levels to improve our nation’s education system.

In the 75 days leading up to the launch of its Annual Meeting on February 24, 2023, AACTE will promote on its website and through social media an action each day that educators, policymakers, or the general public can put into practice.

Join us in creating a collective voice for change by submitting a tip on advocacy — either written or in the form of a short video — that will inspire others to act.

AACTE Advocacy Resources

Submit Your Advocacy Tip

We want to hear from you about the best way to show support for educators, future educators, and all learners. Tell us

  • What are you most passionate about and how would you encourage others to engage around those issues?
  • What advice would you give to help others become champions for equitable education for all learners?
  • What are some of the simplest ways to effect a positive change?

Share as many tips as you would like, in the form of a brief video, or statement, or both — in 75 seconds or 75 words or less.

The advocacy tips will be shared on AACTE’s website social media channels and become part of an impactful resource beyond the 75th Annual Meeting.

Check out a few sample tips to get you started.