AACTE Research, Reports, and Briefs

As a strategic priority, AACTE invests in educator preparation research. Our members are the leading experts in their fields of inquiry, and we promote their research through the Journal of Teacher Education, the Ed Prep Matters newsletter, and collaboration on original research. AACTE’s cutting-edge research is grounded in the core values of inquiry and innovation; quality and impact; diversity, equity, and inclusion. The aim is to provide members and strategic partners with the information necessary to make informed decisions that will ensure all educators are profession-ready to meet the needs of all learners.


Degree Trends in High-Demand Teaching SpecialtiesDegree Trends in High-Demand Teaching Specialties: 2009-10 to 2016-17 (2020)

Provides detailed information on degree trends in four high-demand teaching specialties: special education, math and science education, English as a second language, and foreign language education.  Read More.


How Do Education Students Pay for College? NEW

How Do Education Students Pay for College? (2020)

To help AACTE members better understand the financial pressures impacting education students, this issue brief takes a detailed look at how students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education pay for college, including the costs that they face and the financial sources that they tap to meet those expenses.  Read More.

Institutions Offering Degrees in Education


Institutions Offering Degrees in Education: 2009-10 to 2016-17 (2020)

This brief examines recent trends in the number of institutions awarding degrees in education and the size of those programs. Read more.


Education Students and Diversity: A review of New EvidenceEducation Students and Diversity: A Review of New Evidence (2019)

This issue brief examines the personal, family, and socioeconomic characteristics of students working toward bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. It then compares these students to the general student population and identifies key differences by race/ethnicity. Read More.



Special Education Tenets of Clinical PracticeSpecial Education Tenets of Clinical Practice (2019)

This publication is a compendium to the AACTE Clinical Practice Commission report, A Pivot Toward Clinical Practice,Its Lexicon, and the Renewal of Educator Preparation. It is to be used to identify and define key areas of consideration in special education clinical preparation. Read More.



The Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teacher Networked Improvement Community: Promising Practices to Recruit and Retain Male Teachers of Color

The Black and Hispanic/Latino Male Teacher Networked Improvement Community: Promising Practices to Recruit and Retain Male Teachers of Color Phase I: Exploring New Pathways to Recruit and Retain (2019)

This report documents promising practices and significant challenges that schools, colleges, and departments of education around the country may face as they prepare professionals for increasingly diverse and complex educational environments. Read More.


Colleges of Education: A National Portrait

Colleges of Education: A National Portrait (2018)

This report provides a comprehensive picture of colleges of education: the work that they do, the people who do that work, and the students they serve. Read More.




Clinical Practice Commission Report

This report (2020) highlights research-based recommendations, including a shared professional lexicon, for all educators to embrace as a foundation for effectively implementing evidence-based clinical practice. Read More.