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AACTE, one of the nation’s largest network of educator preparation providers, connects you with thousands of like-minded colleagues to learn, grow, and effect change. AACTE helps you to become an active player in shaping the future of education, promote 21st-century teaching skills, advocate for public policies that benefit your work, support best practices and ethical standards in the profession, and participate in your professional community.

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AACTE’s Institutional Membership provides membership benefits to your entire educator prep program – leadership, faculty and students.

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Regular Membership

Regular membership is granted to four-year, degree-granting, domestic colleges and universities with a commitment to the preparation of education personnel.

To be eligible for membership, institutions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The institution is a four-year or upper-division graduate or undergraduate degree-granting institution.
  2. The institution’s primary purposes are educational.
  3. The institution is regionally accredited.
  4. The institution is committed to equal education opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and multiculturalism.
  5. The institution can demonstrate that the preparation of professional educators is one of its most important institutional purposes.
  6. The institution is committed to the preparation of professional educators for PK-12 schools.
  7. The institution has an identifiable unit devoted to the preparation and training of professional educators.
  8. Resources are available to the professional education unit in the areas of personnel, funding, physical facilities, library, equipment, materials, and supplies.
  9. The institution has written policies and procedures (including admissions and exit criteria, student assessment, and evaluation of graduates) upon which the operation of the unit rests.

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System Membership

Regular members who are part of a college/university system may be eligible for a discount in membership dues.  The negotiated percentage discount, not to exceed 25%, will be applied to each campuses dues amount, and a total of all discounted campus amounts will be presented to the system office as one bill for payment in full.  The percentage discount is determined by the Association President/CEO in collaboration with the AACTE Board.  Please contact for more information.

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Affiliate Membership

Institutions and organizations not eligible for regular membership may be eligible for affiliate membership. Affiliate membership is granted to the following:

  • Not-for-profit, 2-year, degree-granting domestic institutions of higher education
  • Not-for-profit, 2-year or 4-year, degree-granting foreign institutions of higher education
  • Not-for-profit companies, organizations, state education associations, regional education laboratories, university-based research or policy centers, schools, or other not-for-profit educational associations
  • For-profit schools, organizations, associations, agencies, centers, corporations, or commercial companies

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Contact our Membership Department at or 202-478-4516.