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Educating the Future, Today

Advocating for Educator Preparation, Today

AACTE is an amplifying voice between our members, who are doing the important work in the educator preparation field, and policy makers, who need to understand what is happening in the field to make sound policy recommendations. As we face the impact of COVID-19, teacher shortages, social injustice, and enrollment and funding challenges, AACTE’s advocacy mission is more important than ever—and that is why we are asking you to take a seat at the table.

AACTE is working with members of Congress on important legislation that will help our nation recover from the pandemic and ensure that the next generation of educators is ready to step into the classroom prepared to teach. Our new advocacy platform, Educating the Future, Today, is your resource for insight and tools to keep you informed on the latest issues and help you play an active role in tackling today’s critical challenges. Your voice—and seat at the table—is essential. There is strength in numbers and alliances with other education stakeholders to help amplify the message. We are all in this together.

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