Topical Action Groups

Topical Action Groups (TAGs) provide a forum for individuals drawn together by a common interest or purpose within the field of educator preparation. AACTE provides TAGs with operational funds, publicity, online meeting and administrative space, staff support, meeting space at the AACTE Annual Meeting, and the prestige of AACTE affiliation.

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Volunteer Opportunities

All AACTE member institution personnel are encouraged to become involved in AACTE programs and events. Remember that this is your association, and there are many ways to get involved! Here are some examples:

Serve on the Board of Directors or a Standing Committee

AACTE accepts applications for service on the Board of Directors and our seven standing committees each spring. Board members must be official AACTE Institutional Representatives, but any individual from a member institution is eligible to serve on a standing committee. AACTE’s committees cover topics such as global diversity, government relations and advocacy, innovation and technology, research and dissemination, professional preparation and accountability, and more.

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Apply for AACTE Awards

The AACTE Awards Program recognizes excellence in both member institutions and individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of educator preparation. Nominations open in the spring, and standing committees review entries in the summer and fall. Awards are presented during the Annual Meeting.

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Advocate for Educator Preparation

Make your voice heard with policy makers! AACTE uses its blog and other communication channels to provide frequent updates on education legislation and encourages member institutions to contact their congressional representatives when their voices are needed. At the annual AACTE Day on the Hill, members and their partners convene in Washington, DC, for advocacy training and congressional visits.

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