AACTE Member Survey on Coronavirus Experience and Response

In April, AACTE fielded a survey to lead member representatives asking how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their programs and students. Review the results to benchmark your experience against that of your colleagues and discuss the challenges you are facing – and how you are overcoming them – with respected leaders in educator preparation.

May 27, 2020
4:00  – 5:00 PM


Dr. Cynthia F. Grutzik    Dr. Cynthia F. Grutzik
Dean, Graduate College of Education
San Francisco State University

Cynthia Grutzik has been dean of San Francisco State University’s Graduate College of Education since August 2018. She previously served as the associate dean of the College of Education at Long Beach State University, where she supported credential and undergraduate programs, accreditation and assessment, curriculum, outreach, recruitment and district partnerships. A former elementary school teacher and past president of the California Council on Teacher Education, her research interests are in educator preparation systems and the teacher pathway.

Dr. Jacqueline E. King
Consultant to AACTE

Jacqueline King is an independent consultant who works with both K-12 and higher education leaders to improve student outcomes. Dr. King has had a long career in education, including 15 years at the American Council on Education (ACE) where she established the ACE Center for Policy Analysis.


Dr. John A. Kuykendall, III
Associate Professor & Dean, School of Education
University of Indianapolis

John A. Kuykendall, III, Ph.D., has been Dean of the School of Education at the University of Indianapolis since July 2018. Dr. Kuykendall previously served as a tenured associate professor of education and as the director for the School of Education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In his administrative role at Little Rock. Before arriving at Little Rock, he was a faculty member at Marquette University in Milwaukee, where he oversaw the College of Student Affairs Program and taught graduate courses in higher education.

Dr. Timothy J. Wall
Professor & Dean, School of Education
Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. Timothy Wall has been the dean and director of teacher education for the Northwest Missouri State University School of Education since July, 2016. His research interests include: teacher preparation; assessment; diversity, equity and inclusion; standardized testing; accreditation and policy analysis. Dr. Wall is the President-Elect of the Teacher Education Council of Schools, Colleges and Universities, a former President of the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education; member of the inaugural Research Committee for CAEP, former member of the Board of Directors of AACTE, and President of the AACTE Advisory Council of State Representatives. Dr. Wall was an inaugural member of the expectations working group for the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation and serves as an AAQEP site visitor.

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