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Read news articles that highlight the work and advocacy of AACTE and its members to ensure educators are prepared to teach all PK-12 learners.


Missouri passed a $40,000 minimum teacher salary. Some educators worry those raises aren’t guaranteed, PBS News (June 11)

Should Working With Families Be a Core Skill for Teachers?, Education Week (April 25)

Have Universities Failed Teacher Education?, Times Higher Education (April 11)

Some Positive Signs for the Teacher Pipeline, But It’s Not All Good. What 3 Studies Say, Education Week (March 22)

Georgia Lawsuit Claims Veteran Teachers Threatened by Curriculum Restrictions, K-12 Dive (Feb. 21)

As States Make It Easier To Become A Teacher, Are They Reducing Barriers Or Lowering The Bar?, USA Today (Feb. 21)

Factors Shaping AI’s Impact on Schools in 2024, K-12 Dive (Jan. 24)



How Teacher Prep Programs Are Stepping Up Efforts to Recruit Students, Ed Surge (Nov. 28)

Survey: Despite partisan divide on curriculum, most agree decisions should fall on school districts , K-12 Dive (May 10)

Staffed Up: How would an affirmative action repeal impact teacher diversity?, K-12 Dive (Apr. 28)

ETS Looks to Overhaul Praxis Exam as Teacher Shortages Continue, EdWeek Market Brief (Apr. 20)

States Are Making It Easier to Become Substitute Teachers, Education Week (Feb. 9)

Momentum grows for family engagement in teacher prep, K-12 Dive (Jan. 17)

Perspective | Pay raises now to change conversations on teaching, EdNC (Jan. 13)

Natural education: Support grows for nature preschools after learning model blossomed amid pandemic, The Washington Times (Jan. 5)

News Archive

Report highlights failure to solve K-12 teacher shortage, The Washington Times (Dec. 14)

Completion higher for alternative teacher prep programs affiliated with higher ed, K-12 Dive (Dec. 12)

Virtual learning left teachers scrambling. How are teacher prep programs catching up?, Star-Telegram (Nov. 28)

Staffed Up: 7 tips to keep in mind when forming a registered teacher apprenticeship, K-12 Dive (Nov. 16)

How Bowie State University Is Diversifying The Teaching Profession, Forbes (Nov. 8)

Organizations denounce politicization of family engagement in schools, K-12 Dive (Nov 1)

As Charter Schools Rise, Fewer Graduate From Undergrad Teacher Prep. Why?, Education Week (October 28)

Education censorship bills could dissuade K-12 teachers from joining the profession, report says , K-12 Dive (October 27)

Education Censorship Bills Threaten Higher Ed, Higher Ed Dive (October 27)

Report: Censorship legislation and its grip on education, University Business (October 27)

The Teachers’ Lounge Podcast, Idaho Ed News (October 21)

Trine’s Education School Continues to Grow, Employ Graduates, The Herald Republican (October 18)

Pinning Hopes on Future Educators, Inside Higher Ed (October 13)

To Fill Teacher Jobs, Community Colleges Offer New Degrees, Associated Press (October 6)

Facing Regional Shortages, U.S. Schools Now Employing 160,000 ‘Underqualified’ Teachers, The 74 (October 5)

8 Education Industry Leaders Speak Out: How To Address Teachers Shortages, Work It Daily (September 27)

Traditional University Teacher Ed Programs Face Enrollment Declines, Staff Cuts, The 74 (September 22)

Teachers in Missouri are not returning to the classroom. Advocates say they have had enough, PBS NewsHour (September 14)

Here’s How the White House Is Tackling Teacher Shortages, Ed Week (August 31)

Teacher Education Programs Desperately Seek Students, Inside Higher Ed (August 29)

Fewer young people training to be teachers, education schools report, The Washington Times (August 26)

Nationwide Teacher Shortages are a ‘Massive Problem:’ Activist, Fox News (August 20)

Are Teachers Leaving the Classroom En Masse?, Vox (August 18)

States Crack Open the Door to Teachers Without College Degrees, Ed Week (August 2)

Florida to Let Veterans, Spouses Teach Without Bachelor’s Degree, K-12-Dive (July 22)

Alternative Certification Programs Are Booming. But Candidates Aren’t Finishing, Ed Week (June 7)

Teachers, Deputized to Fight the Culture Wars, are Often Reluctant to Serve, The Hechinger Report (May 23)

Educators Don’t Feel Prepared to Buy Ed Tech. That Has Implications for Vendors, EdWeek Market Brief (May 5)

We’re at a Tipping Point: Whom Do you Want Teaching Your Children?, The Washington Post (May 6)

Virginia Schools Look To Fill Over a Thousand Vacancies, RVA magazine (May 2)

Students with Disabilities Have a Right to Qualified Teachers — but There’s a Shortage, NPR (April 20)

Digging Deeper: Impact on Education & Teacher Recruiting, CBS 17 News at 5:30 AM (April 4)

Future of Teaching: COVID Pandemic Impacting Teacher Recruitment, CBS 17 (April 3)

The Life Of A Teacher And Why It’s Beyond Hard, Forbes (March 28)

Fewer People Are Getting Teacher Degrees. Prep Programs Sound the Alarm, Education Week (March 22)

Education Experts Call on the Government and Colleges to Rectify the Growing Teacher Shortage, INSIGHT Into Diversity (March 16)

Grow-Your-Own Teacher Pipeline Model Gains Steam, K-12 Dive (March 2)

Innovation Begins with Education. It’s Time We Make It a Priority, District Administration (February 24)

K-12 Must Rebuild the Pipeline to Avoid Long-term Teacher Shortages, District Administration (February 23)

Low Student Engagement Major Source of Teacher Stress, Survey Finds, FOX TV Digital Team (February 23)

What It Takes to Recruit Future Teachers During the Pandemic, EdSurge (February 7)

Low Enrollment Forces Some Schools to Cancel Programs, Scripps National (February 7)

Teachers are leaving and few people want to join the field. Experts are Sounding the AlarmCNN (February 5)

Amid Scrambles for Teachers, Some Fear Worse Shortages AheadU.S. News & World Report (February 3)

W&M School of Education Partners with Law School to Provide Language Instruction to International Law StudentsWilliam & Mary (February 2)

When Education Programs Bite the DustInside Higher Ed (January 28)

Policy Experts: Funding, Support for Teacher Prep Programs Critical to Fix ShortageK-12 Dive (January 27)


Reflecting Back to Move Equity in Education Forward, Diverse Issues in Higher Education (December 31, 2020)

Local Alabama Program Shows Promise in Putting More Black, Male Teachers in Classrooms – (December 21)

The Financial Crossroad of Teacher EducationUniversity Business (December 17, 2020)

App State Partners with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to Prepare Equity-Focused School Leaders – (December 2)

Educator Preparation Programs Lead the Way for Racial and Social Justice for All Diverse Issues in Higher Education (November 23, 2020)

Teacher shortages: Are we heading in the right direction? District Administration (November 18, 2020)

Can These Degree Programs, Under Assault for a Decade, Survive a Pandemic? Chronicle of Higher Education (October 30, 2020) 

4 Financial Constraints Facing Student Teachers: University Business (October 20, 2020)

Navigating the COVID-19 Maze: University Business (October 8, 2020)

Equity in Teacher Education: University Business (August 31, 2020)

What Anti-racist Teachers Do Differently: The Communicator (June 21, 2020)

COVID-19: Creating a New Education Eeality: eCampus News (June 17, 2020)

Big Questions, Challenges for Teachers: The Times and Democrat (June 15, 2020)