AACTE Invites Education Leaders to Register for its Annual Meeting in Indianapolis Addressing the Needs of Today’s Educators and Future Teachers  

(January 17, 2023, Washington, D.C.) – Meeting the needs of today’s educators and future teachers among critical nationwide staffing shortages is a key challenge facing education. AACTE (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) provides solutions with its Annual Meeting focused on equipping future teachers for Pk-12 classrooms, on Feb. 24-26, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“During this time when education is under attack and educators are facing significant challenges, it is extremely important that we place the needs of our students at the center of all we do. In order to do that, we need to support educators who are advocating on behalf of their students and themselves and we need to make sure that we are advocating for education preparation,” says Rowan University Senior Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Monika Williams-Shealey, Ph.D., chair-elect of the AACTE board of directors. “Education preparation matters.”

This year’s AACTE Annual Meeting, “Innovation Through Inspiration: Remembering the Past to Revolutionize the Future,” offers 200 sessions under five strands that spotlight the latest evidence-based research and practices in preparing educators:

  • Addressing the Evolving Needs of Education
  • Increasing Diversity through Equitable Access and Inclusivity
  • Confronting Challenges to Strengthen Educator Preparation
  • Collaborating for a Greater Impact
  • Meeting the Challenges of Educator Preparation with Educational Technology

Faculty, students and administrators from colleges, universities and PK-12 schools will collaborate with education leaders from nonprofit organizations and foundations, state and federal agencies, at the three-day conference.

During a preconference on Feb. 23, deans and educator preparation programs faculty are invited to attend the Cultivating Academic Success through the Effective Use of Character Preconference, a one-day event supported by the Kern Family Foundation.

Learn more about AACTE and register for the Annual Meeting in February by visiting aacte.org.

AACTE’s next meeting, focused on propelling the teaching profession, takes place in Denver in February of 2024.



Established in 1948, AACTE is the leading voice in educator preparation. AACTE’s member institutions and programs prepare the greatest number of professional educators in the United States and its territories, including teachers, counselors, administrators, and college faculty. These professional educators are prepared for careers in PK-12 classrooms, colleges and universities, state and governmental agencies, policy institutes, and non-profit organizations. The AACTE alliance of colleges and universities and educator preparation programs collaborates with members and partners to advance the field of education by prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, and engaging in research-based inquiry, advocacy, and innovative practice. Learn more at aacte.org.

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