Topical Action Groups

Topical Action Groups (TAGs) provide a forum for individuals drawn together by a common interest or purpose within the field of educator preparation. AACTE provides TAGs with operational funds, publicity, online meeting and administrative space, staff support, meeting space at the AACTE Annual Meeting, and the prestige of AACTE affiliation.

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Professional Development & Events

Leadership Academy: June 18 – 20, Cleveland, Ohio

AACTE’s Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity for deans, department chairs, and other administrators and faculty to enhance their leadership skills, address current issues, and build a professional peer network. At this year’s Leadership Academy, attendees will participate in strategic conversation that will empower you to return to your campus with elevated narratives, best practices, and tactics to deliver across your institution and continue critical discussion with refreshed and innovative perspectives, approaches, and results. Lookout for more information regarding the 2024 Leadership academy. 

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Are you or do you know someone interested in volunteering for one of AACTE’s programmatic advisory committees? All faculty, staff, and administrators from member institutions are eligible to serve. Nominate yourself or a colleague by June 14.

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AACTE 2025 Annual Meeting

Beyond the Horizon: Charting the Course for Educator Preparation aligns the AACTE 2025 Annual Meeting with the association’s vision and mission to revolutionize education for all learners by elevating education and educator preparation through research, professional practice, advocacy, and collaboration. Representing the institutions and programs that prepare the greatest number of professional educators in the United States and its territories, and in partnership with international colleague organizations, AACTE is the incubator for bold ideas and new discoveries to drive impactful applications based on evidence-based reasoning.

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Global Education Faculty Professional Learning Community (PLC)

The Global Education Faculty Professional Learning Community (PLC ) will provide a peer support network and professional development to faculty at comprehensive teacher preparation programs to effectively integrate global teaching competencies within their curriculum and practices.

This PLC will address the gaps in faculty professional development that limit the integration of global perspectives and internalization within teacher education programs. Faculty gain the skills necessary to prepare globally competent teachers through virtual workshops, seminars, access to digital resources, and collaboration across institutions.

For more information about the Global Education Faculty PLC, please contact Brooke Evans at

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Washington Week: June 3 – 5, Washington, DC

AACTE’s legislative conference is designed to enhance member advocacy skills, including Congressional visits, while promoting policies to support educator preparation programs. Teacher educators and other members from colleges and institutions nationwide convened  June 3 – 5 for AACTE 2024 Washington Week.

AACTE’s Washington Week combines the best programming from three separate events — State Leaders Institute, Holmes Policy Institute, and Day on the Hill — into one mini-conference for enhanced collaboration and networking.

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AACTE Awards

The AACTE Awards Program recognizes excellence in both member institutions and individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of educator preparation. In identifying notable programs, practices, activities, writing, and research, these awards encourage all member institutions to strengthen the profession of teacher preparation through innovation, high standards, and leadership.

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