Censorship Resources

Key Resources from AACTE

Joint Statement on Legislative Efforts to Restrict Education about Racism and American History
In this joint letter to the House of Representatives, AACTE joins other organizations in opposing proposed legislation across the country targeting academic lessons and discussions of racism in schools, colleges, and universities.

AACTE Endorses #TeachTruth Campaign
#TeachTruth Campaign includes actions all educators can take to address censorship efforts in schools, such as this endorsement of #TeachTruth Day.

Key Resources from Education Partners

In Higher Education, New Educational Gag Orders Would Exert Unprecedented Control Over College Teaching
This article explains why in 2022, more than 50% of bills seeking to limit expression in classrooms are focusing on higher education.

State of Book Bans
PEN America’s Landscape Analysis on the state of book bans and their implications for free speech in schools.

Decentering the cis, while male Christian narrative in the Free Speech Debate
Georgetown History Professor, Thomas Zimmer, responds to NYT’s OpEd “America Has a Free Speech Problem” by decentering the cis-white narrative when we discuss cancel culture within the current political climate.

Educational Gag Orders Target Speech about LGBTQ+ Identities With New Prohibitions and Punishments
This article from PEN America explains how Educational Gag Orders are used to LGBTQ+ limit speech affirming LGBTQ+ student identities.

Steep Rise in Gag Orders, Many Sloppily Drafted
This blog exposes the lack of clarity in educational gag orders and warns of the lingering chilling effect it will have on teachers.

American Library Association Intellectual Freedom & Censorship Q&A
This resource discusses key issues in censorship of materials, with a unique lens on library resources and selection processes.

Example Resolution to Defend Academic Freedom to Teach About Race and Gender Justice and Critical Race Theory
This resource from the DePaul University Faculty Council provides boiler plate language for passing resolutions aimed at preserving academic freedom and teaching truth in public universities.

Efforts to restrict teaching about racism and bias have multiplied across the U.S.
This map tracks efforts in 28 states to restrict education on racism, bias, the contributions of specific racial or ethnic groups to U.S. history, or related topics.

Resolution Template Protecting Academic Freedom: Portland State
This tool offers a template by a member institution rejecting attempts to interfere with faculty autonomy in teaching racial and social justice, including attempted bans on teaching critical race theory