Workshop: Educators Addressing Censorship through Collective Action & Messaging

At AACTE’s Annual Meeting on March 4th, we convened a panel of AACTE member deans and board members to discuss the effects of censorship efforts on teacher education and higher education’s role in pushing back. This workshop builds on that discussion, assessing the needs of our associations’ members and stakeholder groups we must collaborate with. This interactive workshop will convene educator preparation deans, faculty, & candidates, principals, and superintendents, and will be structured to address the following objectives:


  1. More deeply understand the education censorship concerns from perspectives of both education preparation providers and K-12 school systems
  2. Learn about effective strategies/promising practices to address education censorship through partnerships of LEA’s and EPP’s
  3. Set standard that Building a Coalition is Vital, facilitating resource sharing and connections through the workshop’s structure
  4. Discuss messaging tactics and the role of universities and faculty in elevating that language

The event is finished.


Apr 12 2022


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Watch the Recording

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