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Mentorship Practices to Prepare and Retain Culturally Diverse and Linguistically Competent Teachers
Jessica Callison, Augusta County Public Schools
Alison Cornish, Waynesboro City Schools
Dara Hall, James Madison University
Jennifer Jones, Shenandoah County Public Schools
Beth Lehman, Bridgewater College
Cathy Marston, Page County Schools
Larry Shifflett, Presenter
Ronald Shultz, Eastern Mennonite University

Partnering with High Need Districts Through a Special Education Teacher Residency Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Melinda Leko
Tessa Neigum
Rebekka Olsen
Elizabeth Sikora
Kimber Wilkerson
Lauren Zepp

Curriculum of Life and COVID-19: Disparities, Resilience and Educational Renewal
Edward Podsiadlik, University of Illinois at Chicago

Re-thinking Clinical Practice: What 2020 Taught Teacher Preparation
Lisa Ghormley, University of Phoenix, Arizona
Pamela Roggeman, University of Phoenix, Arizona


Moral and Motivation Contours of Special Educators
Keri Desutter, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Jed Locquiao, Minnesota State University Moorhead


Engaging Student Voice to Address Financial Barriers in Teacher Education

Elizabeth Bohl, University of Colorado at Boulder
Ashley Cartun, University of Colorado Boulder
Mary Beth Snow Balderas, University of Colorado Boulder

Challenging the Status Quo: Reshaping the Culture and Practice of Preservice Mentoring

Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Brandeis University
Sarah Kavanagh, University of Pennsylvania
Kavita Matsko, Northwestern University
Jamie Wallace, American Museum of Natural History

Building Teacher Leaders while Preparing Future Teachers through a Professional Learning Community of Preservice and Inservice Teachers

Selina Bartels, Valparaiso University
Ben Boche, Valparaiso University
Douglas Wassilak, Valparaiso University

Weaponizing History: political aims, ideologies, and fears that drive battles over curriculum

Serina Cinnamon, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Anthony Johnson, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Critiquing the Canon: Towards a More Critical Use of Lareau’s “Unequal Childhoods” in Teacher Preparation

Tasha Austin, Rutgers Graduate School of Education
Kisha Porcher, University of Delaware

Integrating culturally responsive and high-leverage practices: Reimagining learning opportunities for intersectionality marginalized students

Mary Brownell, CEEDAR Center/University of Florida
Toni Franklin, Columbus State University
Erica McCray, University of Florida
Rebekka Jez, University of San Diego
Selma Powell, University of Washington

How does the COVID-19 Pandemic influence suicide ideation among K-12 students?

Ai Kamei, Monmouth University
Kathryn Lubniewski, Monmouth University
Caitlin Santaniello, Monmouth University

The Social Justice Academy: Advocating for Democracy through Collaboration and Action

John Henning, Monmouth University
Nicole Pulliam, Monmouth University

Equity and Justice: Collaborative Self-Study Across Educator Preparation Programs

California State University Bakersfield
Brittney Beck  |  Bre Evans-Santiago  |  Alice Hays  |  Debbie Meadows  |  Sarana Roberts  |  Mahmoud Suleiman  |  Aaron Wisman

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Preparation

James Falco, Monmouth University
Christine Grabowski, Monmouth University
John Henning, Monmouth University

An Educator Shortage Summit: AACTE Chapter Support Grant Moves the Needle in Nebraska

April Buschelman, Creighton University
Jenny Jansky, University of Nebraska-Kearney
Sara Skretta, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rethinking University-School Partnerships: Shifting to a Cohesive Model of Preparation

Laurie Mullen, Towson University
Laila Richman, Towson University

Colleges of Teacher Education as Hubs for Leadership and Innovation: Learning and Adaptation During the COVID19 Pandemic

Kelly Leon, University of San Diego
Reyes Quezada, University of California, San Diego
Paul Rogers, University of California, Santa Barbara
Sobeida Valezquez, University of San Diego
Lynn Gangone, AACTE
Jacqueline Rodriguez, AACTE

Developing, Implementing, & Sustaining High-Quality Cooperating Teachers Across the State
Jamie Bailey, University of Delaware
Stephanie Lund, Presenter
Stephanie Lund, Texas Tech University
Khiandra Woods, US PREP
Stacie Zdrojewski, Red Clay Consolidated School District