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Programmatic Advisory Committees

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Have you considered volunteering for a leadership position in AACTE? Lend your talent and expertise to one of AACTE’s programmatic advisory committees. Educator preparation is an essential element of our nation’s recovery from the pandemic, and AACTE is at the center of national efforts to ensure that all students receive the expert instruction and support they need and deserve.

Nominations are due by May 28 to serve on the AACTE  programmatic advisory committees.

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Programmatic Advisory Committees 2020-2021

Committee on Educator Diversity

Chair: The purpose of this committee is to advise the AACTE staff and Board of Directors on current trends, issues, and needed programming related to diversity in educator preparation program faculty and candidates.  The Committee is an outgrowth of the Diversifying the Workforce Topical Action Group (TAG), which will continue to operate in tandem with the new committee. Together, the committee and TAG are a powerful demonstration of the interest and commitment of AACTE members to promoting an education workforce that mirrors the diversity of the K-12 student population.

Co-Chair: Tambra Jackson, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
Co-Chair: Yvette Latunde, University of La Verne
Board Liaison:  Jacob Easley II, Touro University (2022)

Nada Ahmed, New York University
Karen Escalante, California State University, San Bernardino
Norma Guzman, Texas A&M University – Kingsville
Kandi Hill-Clarke, University of Memphis
Colleen Mulholland, University of Northern Iowa
LaRon Scott, Virginia Commonwealth University

 Staff Liaisons: Nicole Dunn and Weade James

Committee on Global Diversity

Charge: The Committee on Global Diversity is charged with fostering the development of quality teaching and professional education practices that promote diversity, equity, and global perspectives that advance the preparation of world-class educators responsive to all learners. This work includes –

  • Providing expertise and leadership to help strengthen professional education programs and capacity in global diversity through the creation, promotion, and/or dissemination of related deliverables via AACTE or other approved venues
  • Advising AACTE’s global diversity initiatives

Chair: Minda Lopez, Texas State University (2023)
Board Liaison: Patricia Alvarez-McHatton, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley (2022)

Yiting Chu, University of Louisiana, Monroe (2024)
Justin Coles, Fordham University (2023)
Gilda Martinez Alba, Towson University (2024)
Winifred Nweke, Clayton State University (2022)
Karen Ramlackhan, University of South Florida (2022)
Lucretia Tripp, Auburn University (2023)
Christina Wright Fields, Marist College (2024)

Staff LiaisonsJacqueline Rodriguez and Caitlin Wilson

Committee on Government Relations and Advocacy

Charge: The Committee on Government Relations and Advocacy is charged with supporting AACTE and its membership in its advocating for the profession. This work includes –

  • Serving as the lead advocates of the AACTE membership and working to build the capacity of AACTE and its members to be the nation’s leading advocates for educator preparation at the state and national levels
  • Supporting AACTE’s government relations staff in the development of national legislative priorities and activities
  • Advising AACTE’s government relations and advocacy activities

Chair: Larry Daniel, University of Texas Permian Basin (2022)
Board Liaison:Anne Tapp, Saginaw Valley State University (2024)

Lisa Bisogno, Northeastern State University (2024)
Sonja Lopez Arnak, Alliant International University (2024)
Jon Pedersen, University of South Carolina-Columbia (2023)
Reginald Williams, South Carolina State University (2024)
Jennifer Young-Wallace, Jackson State University (2023)
Jim Wolfinger, Illinois State University (2022).

Staff Liaison: Michael Rose and Ward Cummings

Committee on the Holmes Program

Charge: The purpose of the Holmes Program Advisory Committee is to advise the AACTE staff and Board of Directors on the implementation and expansion of the Holmes Program, AACTE’s signature program promoting diversity among leaders and scholars in education.

Chair: Shanita Pettaway, Columbus State University
Board Liaison:  Jesse Perez Mendez, Texas Tech University (2023)

Rhonda Porter, Albany State University (2024)
Andrew Daire, Virginia Commonwealth University (2024)
Tiphanie Gonzalez, SUNY Oswego (2024)
Bianca Nightengale-Lee, Florida Atlantic University (2023)
Oumarou Abdoulaye Balarabe, Ohio University (2023)
Shanita Pettaway, Columbus State (2022)
Amanda Wilkerson, University of Central Florida (2022)

Staff Liaison: Weade James

Committee on Innovation and Technology

Charge: The Committee on Innovation and Technology is charged with developing the Association’s classroom reform and technology agendas related to PK-12 and postsecondary education. This work includes –

  • Promoting the use of innovative strategies and technological interventions in schools and professional educator preparation contexts by gathering and disseminating information about resources and practices
  • Facilitating communication and interaction about innovations in learning and technology among educator preparation faculty
  • Advising AACTE’s innovation and technology initiatives

Co-Chair: Liz Kolb, University of Michigan (2022)
Co-Chair: David Slykhuis, University of Northern Colorado (2022)
Board Liaison: Jennie Carr, Bridgewater College (2022)

Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida (2023)
Barbara Fuller, Northeastern State University (2024)
Ben Gallegos, University of Portland (2024)
Rachel Karchmer-Klein, University of Delaware (2024)
Michael McVey, Eastern Michigan University (2023)
Robert Moody, Fort Hays State University (2023)

Staff Liaisons: Caitlin Wilson and Jacqueline Rodriguez 

Committee on Meetings and Professional Development

Charge: The Committee on Meetings and Professional Development is charged with recommending and supporting professional development activities that strengthen member programs and build their capacity to prepare educators who can teach every child effectively. This work includes –

  • Identifying and developing themes and strands for the Annual Meeting, drafting the accompanying calls for proposals, and coordinating the proposal solicitation process
  • Verifying the Annual Meeting proposal review process, ensuring reviews are completed, and making decisions on member sessions based on reviewer feedback
  • Recommending speakers and topics for AACTE sessions during the Annual Meeting
  • Advising on topics and programming for the Leadership Academy
  • Advising AACTE regarding the professional development needs of the membership and new formats for delivery of professional development activities

Chair: Vacant
Board Liaison: John Henning, Monmouth University (2023)

Teresa Banks, Mississippi Valley State University (2024)
Bonnie Beach, University of Southern Indiana (2022)
Curtis Cunningham, John Brown University (2023)
Roben Daubler, Western Governors University (2024)
Loury Floyd, University of North Carolina at Pembroke (2023)
James Jackson, Howard University (2022)
Jennifer Waddell, University of Missouri, Kansas City (2024)

Staff Liaisons: Matt Wales and Linda Minor

Committee on Membership Development and Capacity Building

Charge: The Committee on Membership Development and Capacity Building is charged with advising AACTE around member recruitment and retention, including ongoing attention to dues structures and membership categories that best meet the needs of the Association. This work includes –

  • Participating in the design and implementation of member recruitment and retention initiatives, including the identification of timely educator preparation issues, programs, and services that can best meet the needs of the educator preparation community
  • Developing member feedback and evaluation methods to inform what programs and services would respond to current needs
  • Participating in development and evaluation of communication and marketing plans for existing and new programs and services for members and prospective members
  • Assisting AACTE staff in developing prospective member recruitment initiatives with AACTE state chapters and member institutions
  • Advising AACTE’s other membership initiatives

Chair: Shandra M. Claiborne-Payton, Virginia State University (2022)
Board Liaison: Gaetane Jean-Marie, University of Northern Iowa (2022)

Richard Blackbourn, Mississippi State University (2023)
Teresa Clark, Murray State University (2024)
Margaret Grogan, Chapman University (2022)
Rochonda Nenonene, University of Dayton (2024)

Staff LiaisonsMeghan Grenda and Gloriatine Jones

Committee on Research and Dissemination

Charge: The Committee on Research and Dissemination is charged with advising and assisting the Association in facilitating, promoting, and disseminating research that adds to the knowledge base for educator preparation, making meaningful contributions to the professional narrative, and building the capacity of the field and the Association to inform policy and practice. This work includes –

  • Administering the Association’s Writing and Research Awards, issuing an annual call for entries and reviewing applications for the Outstanding Book Award, Outstanding Dissertation Award, and Outstanding JTE Article Award
  • Advising AACTE’s other research-related initiatives

Chair: Tracie McLemore Salinas, Appalachian State University (2023)
Board Liaison: Stephanie Knight, Southern Methodist University (2022)

Brian Barber, Kent State University (2022)
Janeula Burt, Bowie State University (2022)
Minaz Fazal, New York Institute of Technology (2023)
Conra Gist, University of Houston (2024)
Nicolas Hartlep, Berea College (2024)
Erica McCray, University of Florida (2023)

Staff Liaisons: Weade James and Jacqueline Rodriguez