Submit Your Advocacy Tips

Please review a few suggestions before writing your tip or recording your video:

Try a few prompts before you start writing or recording. For example, what advice would you give students or parents on how to support educators or education within their local school districts? How could you support change at the local or national level? What are some simple ways you have made a difference in the life of a student, an educator, an aspiring educator, or an administrator? In what ways have you made a difference in changing a policy or impacting legislation in your local district or state?

Record a video using your smartphone, tablet, or Zoom platform.

  1. Start by introducing yourself. Tell us your name and role at your institution or organization.
  2. Tell us how you or others stand up for educators, students, or education. This could range from lobbying for better pay for teachers, to writing an educator a thank you note, to putting money towards a scholarship for future teachers.
  3. Share a personal story or experience as an example of how you have shown support to or wish you had been supported as an educator, aspiring teacher, or student.

Remember to limit your written statement to 75 words or less and recorded video tip to no longer than 75 seconds. You may submit as many tips as you would like.

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