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Membership in AACTE is institutional—meaning a whole institution signs up, giving all of its employees and students access to the Association's benefits. Individuals at member institutions are kept abreast of the latest developments in educator preparation and are part of a network of successful professionals working together to improve the quality of educator preparation.


AACTE has two categories of membership – regular membership and affiliate membership.

Regular Membership

Membership Application Cover Regular membership is granted to 4-year, degree-granting, domestic colleges and universities with a commitment to the preparation of education personnel.

To be eligible for membership, institutions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The institution is a 4-year or upper-division graduate or undergraduate degree-granting institution.
  2. The institution's primary purposes are educational.
  3. The institution is regionally accredited.
  4. The institution is committed to equal education opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and multiculturalism.
  5. The institution can demonstrate that the preparation of professional educators is one of its most important institutional purposes.
  6. The institution is committed to the preparation of professional educators for PK-12 schools.
  7. The institution has an identifiable unit devoted to the preparation and training of professional educators.
  8. Resources are available to the professional education unit in the areas of personnel, funding, physical facilities, library, equipment, materials, and supplies.
  9. The institution has written policies and procedures (including admissions and exit criteria, student assessment, and evaluation of graduates) upon which the operation of the unit rests.

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