AACTE Gotcha Awards

Golden trophy on the blur gray background with abstract shiny lights .Amplify your gratitude for members of the team by nominating them for one of the following awards. The awards committee will identify winners monthly!

The MacGyver Award

Is there someone in our office who’s always fixing things — printers, websites, a writing faux pas, PowerPoint slides, what have you — even though it’s not in their job description?  Quick, give that person the MacGyver Award!

The Green Thumb Award

This isn’t just for that person who can keep plants alive! Who can take an idea and give it water to create a new endeavor? Who can take a project and grow it from a seedling to a tree? This person obviously knows a thing or two about growing things.  Give them the Green Thumb Award!

The Picasso Award

No, this award isn’t necessarily given to our best modern artist. This award is given to the person who is being creative and thinking outside of the box! Who has been innovative and created something interesting, fascinating, or even mesmerizing to the point that everyone takes notice?  Give the Picasso Award to your most prolific artist.

The Running with the Bulls Award

Every team has a go-getter who keeps things interesting at the workplace by taking up special projects (and helps team lean into stimulating and thrilling work)! The Running with the Bulls Award is a way to give kudos to such team members. 

The Maya Angelou Award

We rely on our Maya Angelou award winners for their incredible way of communicating an idea, a project, a thank you. This person can convince people to join in and other people to support the work! Who is our Maya Angelou?

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