AACTE Recognizes Leslie Fenwick with the Gloria J. Ladson-Billings Outstanding Book Award. Read more.

Lightning Peter Jay Receives the 2023 James D. Anderson Outstanding Dissertation Award. Read more.

Rutgers Receives 2023 AACTE Best Practice Award In Support Of Multicultural Education And Diversity. Read more.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign IGlobal Program Receives 2023 AACTE Best Practice Award In Support Of Global And International Perspectives. Read more.

AACTE Recognizes Kansas State University College Of Education with 2023 Best Practice Award for the Innovative Use of Technology. Read more.

AACTE Recognizes Florida Atlantic University with Outstanding Holmes Institution Award. Read more.

H. Richard Milner IV, Receives The 2023 AACTE Margaret B. Lindsey Award for Distinguished Research In Teacher Education. Read more.

AACTE Advisory Council of State Representatives Receives David G. Imig Award for Distinguished Achievement in Teacher Education. Read more.

AACTE Recognizes Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity President with 2023 Edward C. Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education. Read more.

‘Toward a Healthy Racial Climate: Systemically Centering the Well-being of Teacher Candidates of Color’ Wins 2023 Outstanding JTE Article of the Year. Read more.