Operation Educate the Educators

Operation Educate the Educators PartnershipSince 2011, the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) and AACTE have partnered to recruit institutions of higher education from throughout the country to join “Operation Educate the Educators.” Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s “Joining Forces” initiative, this partnership seeks to better prepare school personnel to meet the needs of military-connected children.

AACTE's Operation Educate the Educator Program Supports Learning Needs of Military Connected Children

More than 100 colleges and universities have pledged to incorporate the initiative’s guiding principles into their programs. In April 2016, MCEC and Second Lady Biden marked the 5-year anniversary of Operation Educate the Educators by convening a group of the partnership’s active signatories in Washington, DC, to reflect on lessons learned, best practices, and strategies for moving the work forward.

Dr. Biden also spoke at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association about the need for additional research regarding military and veteran-connected children.

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Why It Matters

  • There are currently 2 million military-connected children in America; of those:
    • 1.4 million are 4-18 years old.
    • Over 80% of these children—1.1 million students—attend PK-12 public schools.
    • Every school district in the country has military-connected students.
    • Approximately 10-12% of military-connected students are served in special education programs.
  • Military-connected children often have difficulty adjusting to curriculum and instructional methods or school climate/culture that may differ from school to school.
  • Active duty families move every 2 to 3 years. This is approximately three times more often than the civilian population.

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If your institution is currently preparing teachers to serve military-connected students, please let us know. We may feature your work on this page! To learn more about the partnership or to add your institution to the list of supporters, contact Deborah Koolbeck.

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