AACTE Report Examines Imperative to Revolutionize Education for All Learners

(March 18, 2021, Washington, D.C.) The American Association of Colleges Teacher Education (AACTE) released today its latest report, Revolutionizing Education for All Learners: A Road Map to the Future. The research closely examines the Association’s new strategic vision—to revolutionize education for all learners—for a comprehensive understanding on how best to serve the nation’s PK-12 public school students during a COVID-era. It also offers invaluable perspectives on AACTE’s key priorities for the educator preparation community to guide the profession through the coming decade from the lens of thought leaders at influential grant-making and public policy organizations, as well as a cross-section of deans of education at diverse U.S. institutions.

“This report is a compilation of interviews with key foundation, advocacy, and research stakeholders who affirm AACTE’s vision,” said Dr. Lynn M. Gangone, AACTE president and CEO. “AACTE is grateful for the insights and affirmations of these engaged, knowledgeable leaders who understand what is required for AACTE to become a visionary and effective agent of change.”

Many of the research participants call for a fundamental re-design of the public-school system to achieve educational equity, increase educational attainment, and improve life outcomes for all students. All interviewees recommend significant changes in education that require:

  • A revolution and transformation.
  • Democratic principles to guide what we revolutionize toward.
  • A change in structural inequalities, which are tied to outdated racial and cultural attitudes and school funding systems.
  • A race equity agenda explicitly focused on Black and Latinx students.

.“Each leader agreed that ‘revolution’ is the correct term to describe what is needed to better serve the nation’s PK-12 public school students,” said Dr. Leslie T. Fenwick, AACTE dean in residence and author of the report. “The word ‘revolution’ was viewed by respondents as bold, definitive, and the right idea and action for this time.”

Read the full report for the complete recommendations on ways to revolutionize education and educator preparation across the country. The report is now publicly available at aacte.org/resources/research-reports-and-briefs/revolutionizing-education-road-map.


AACTE: The Leading Voice on Educator Preparation 

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is a national alliance of educator preparation programs and partners dedicated to high-quality, evidence-based preparation that assures educators are profession-ready as they enter the classroom. Nearly 700 members include public and private colleges and universities in every state, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Guam. Through advocacy and capacity building, AACTE promotes innovation and effective practices that strengthen educator preparation. Learn more at www.aacte.org.

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