Leadership Academy

2015 AACTE Leadership Academy - Save the Date

AACTE's Leadership Academy is held each summer for new deans, department chairs, and other academic administrators looking to advance their careers. The Leadership Academy covers essential topics, from managing finite resources to effective development and public relations, while helping attendees cultivate a supportive network of peers.

The Leadership Academy helps participants meet the following goals:

  • Articulate critical components of leadership, including styles, motivations, and roles, and apply them to their own practice as leaders.
  • Build a comprehensive understanding of the multiple roles and functions of their appointed positions, particularly in an individual institutional context.
  • Strengthen key leadership skills, enabling them to more effectively serve as both a team leader and team member, manage time, communicate with diverse audiences, resolve conflicts, and deal with change.
  • Engage in discussions, via small-group settings and collective sessions, to forge networks with other professionals in similar leadership positions.
  • Understand the conflicting interests of scholarship and administrative responsibilities through professional and confidential discussions and interactions.

Click here to view a sample agenda for the Leadership Academy.

Leadership Academy Testimonial

“I think all higher education personnel should have to take some part of this Academy because, if for no other reason, I have a much richer and fuller understanding of how higher education systems work and an appreciation for what Dept. chairs, Deans and Provosts do.”