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AACTE and Mursion Present Virtual Reality Classrooms

AACTE members are committed to preparing high-quality teacher candidates through clinical practice to make their students profession ready for the 21st century learner. The AACTE and Mursion Collaboration provides educator preparation programs with innovative solutions for teacher candidates to complete clinical practice requirements via virtual simulations during COVID-19 and beyond. This partnership, offered at a special rate for AACTE members, offers educators and students world-class experiential learning through simulations for long-term success. This technology is used to prepare new teachers for challenges in today’s classrooms, to empower principals with administrative competencies, and to help improve students’ social skills and confidence.

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AACTE and Mursion collaborate to support teacher preparation through coronavirus

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Get the latest on how virtual reality and avatars are changing the learning landscape in education. VR simulations provide a safe place to practice interpersonal behaviors at an accelerated pace, receive rapid corrective feedback, and assess behavior. Studies show that simulations are more effective than other instructional methods, because they simultaneously engage trainees’ emotional and cognitive processes.

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Mursion Package Information


Special AACTE Member Rate: $152 per learner
(normally $169)
(Minimum 50 learners per AACTE Institution)

This package offers an interactive simulation workshop for 3 learners with coaching from a Danielson expert and annual user license to video platform. Package Includes:

  • Candidates have yearlong access to the online platform with over 100 videos of classroom instruction to review, tag, and share in diverse subjects, locations, and grade levels.
  • In groups of three, candidates meet with a Danielson coach for an hour long interactive simulation workshop with expert coaching.
  • After the workshop, candidates upload a video of the entire session to the online platform to review, tag, and share with faculty.
  • Candidates receive a digital credential upon completion to demonstrate competency.

Special AACTE Member Rate: $134 per learner (normally $149)
(Minimum 50 learners per AACTE Institution)

This package offers candidates practice teaching scenarios in a virtual setting, where they can pause and reflect on practice and try new techniques. You will have access to over 100 videos through an annual platform license, as well as the opportunity for one 30-minute virtual session. (Additional 30-minute virtual sessions are available at special AACTE member rate: $49). Package Includes:

  • Schedule a 30-min virtual simulation immersive learning session from Mursion’s field-tested bank of scenarios.
  • During the session, attempt the scenario twice and take part in a guided reflection on performance objectives.
  • Upload a video of the session to the online platform to review, tag, and share with faculty or mentor teachers for feedback.
  • Receive a digital credential upon completion to demonstrate competency.

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AACTE and Mursion Collaboration FAQ Sheet

  1. Who is Mursion?
    Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction, Mursion provides immersive, virtual reality (VR) training for essential skills in the workplace. By using trained professionals who orchestrate the interactions between learner and avatar-based characters, Mursion simulations achieve the realism needed to deliver measurable, high-impact results. Applicable to any situation requiring high stakes interpersonal skills, the approach has demonstrated impact in areas such as leadership development, sales enablement, customer service, and diversity and inclusion, across industries. Authentic interactions simultaneously engage the emotional and cognitive faculties for learning that truly transforms the learner.

  2. Why is AACTE working with Mursion?
    AACTE and Mursion are collaborating to bring a solution to an acute need brought on by the health crisis: Teacher candidates’ opportunity for face-to-face classroom training is currently out of the question. They are at risk for not completing their course work. While in-classroom training is the gold standard, we believe that Mursion classroom simulations are a viable option. Mursion has its roots in education, in teacher training in particular, and has conducted 50,000 simulations. Additionally, Mursion has secured an anonymous donor to underwrite a portion of the cost and are able to give AACTE members a 10% discount.

  3. What is virtual reality (VR) learning?
    VR learning is a way to deliver content to a learner in an immersive and experiential way by approximating a real-life scenario. Mursion’s proprietary and patented simulation platform is a special blend of a human-in-the-loop and artificial intelligence (AI). The technology can be delivered in 2D (via a desktop or laptop computer) or 3D (via a virtual reality headset).

  4. What are the benefits of virtual reality classrooms?
    Virtual reality classrooms provide safe, targeted opportunities for teacher candidates to practice. They can achieve mastery of specific skills and tasks in the classroom by practice, practice, practice. Examples of classroom simulations in the Mursion bank are “Introducing Content, Classroom Management, Inclusive Education for Students with ASD, Inclusive Education for Students with Language-based Learning Disabilities,” and many more.

  5. How do virtual reality classrooms help educator preparation programs?
    Mursion has conducted national research, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides strong evidence that as few as four sessions in a simulation can significantly help to change (correct) behavior. Teacher candidates can also practice how to handle difficult conversations—with students, parents, guardians, peers, and administrators.

  6. Who should participate in virtual reality classrooms?
    Teacher candidates are the learners; their professor or mentor can observe (or review a recorded session) to give feedback.

  7. How many colleges of education use Mursion?
    Mursion has worked with over 70 colleges/universities, among which are University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, and University of Massachusetts Boston.

  8. How does Mursion’s virtual reality platform work?
    A learner logs onto the Mursion platform remotely (from home, school, or office) where they will be joined by a highly-trained simulation specialist. The learner is guided by a host avatar who will also provide feedback and opportunities for reflection.
    How Mursion Works

  1. Who is eligible to benefit from the AACTE and Mursion collaboration?
    Any teacher preparation institution can sign up and purchase the program for their teacher candidates. Institutions that are AACTE members will receive a special 10% discount.

  2. How does this collaboration benefit AACTE members’ colleges of education that currently use Mursion?
    The collaboration provides additional resources such as the Danielson Coaching Circles and access to a bank of videos from TeachForward.

  3. How does this collaboration benefit AACTE members’ colleges of education that have never used Mursion?
    The collaboration fulfills a very specific need to provide teacher candidates a convenient, remote, effective, and cost-efficient way to simulate face-to-face clinical experience. Colleges of education can quickly put candidates on a path to completion within a short period of time.

  4. How much does it cost to purchase the virtual reality classrooms through the AACTE and Mursion collaboration?
    There are two options: (Minimum 50 learners per institution.)Option 1: Danielson Coaching Circles – In groups of three, candidates take turns practicing scenarios in a small group facilitated by an expert Danielson Coach.  $169 per learnerOption 2: Private Practice – Candidates practice teaching scenarios in a virtual setting, pause and reflect on practice, and try new techniques. $149 per learner

  1. Where do I go to buy the package offerings through the AACTE and Musion collaboration?
    If you’re interested in starting a Mursion program at your school/college of education, please email Carrie Straub, executive director, Mursion Education Programs, at Or book a meeting at

  1. Are there special discounts for group/multiple purchases at one institution?
    The special discount of 10% for AACTE members applies only to the current collaboration packages for COVID-19. These packages, which are partially underwritten by an anonymous donor, are priced to bring the right combination of solutions and options (Mursion simulation scenarios, Danielson Group Coaching, and access to hundreds of TeachForward videos). No other discounts are offered at this time.

  2. Who should I contact for more information about the AACTE and Mursion collaboration?
    Please email Mursion Learning Partner Monika Jo at

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Face-to-face clinical field experience cancelled? Find out how teacher candidates can safely practice instructional strategies—and stay on schedule to graduate.

Mursion was born and raised in the education field. Our partners at colleges of education talked to us about challenges for this year’s cohort of teacher candidates … opportunities for face-to-face clinical field experience are currently out of the question, for obvious reasons.

Discover more about virtual reality classrooms and simulation in the following Mursion webinars designed especially for you.

Future of Education Roundtable Series Presented by Mursion

All webinars will be held on Tuesdays at 1:00pm EDT. (Content, speakers, schedule are subject to change.)

April 13 : Training Everyday Heroes: Virtual Practice to Empower the Next Generation of Educators
Lindsey Freeman, Colby Gull of University of Wyoming

April 20 : Social Emotional Support for Children during the Pandemic
Amy Cook, Lindsay Fallon,and Kristin Murphy of UMass Boston

May 11: Education State of the Union
Jacqueline Rodriguez, AACTE Vice President, Research, Policy, & Advocacy

May 18: Professional Development for Science and Math
Jamie Mikeska and Heather Howelfrom ETS

June 8: Elementary Math Education
Dawn Woods, PhD from Oakland University

June 15: Education Leadership
Maggie Thornton, PhD from the University of Virginia

These roundtables are intended to be an interactive discussion, not just a sit and listen webinar. Come prepared to engage in lively discussion. Make sure to sign on at a location with a microphone (webcam encouraged but optional).



Recording: Let’s test drive classroom simulations – Mursion Roundtable with Jackie Rodriguez and CalState’s Wendy Murawski


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