AACTE State Policy Tracking Map

State Actions to Support EPPs and Teacher Candidates During COVID-19

This interactive map is designed to highlight and present changes to policies and practices in four categories: (1) initial licensure and certification, (2) clinical experiences, (3) hiring and induction, and (4) state standards and other program requirements. The information presented in this map was gathered from primary data sources, including policy guidance issued by state education agencies and state boards of education, as well as Executive Orders issued by state governors. A link to the specific data source for each state is provided in the detailed analysis. The information and data sources on this map will be updated regularly, when new guidance and directives are issued.

How to navigate the map: Hover over a state to reveal a brief, curated overview of the specific policy and practice changes for that state. Select a state from the dropdown menu to view a more detailed analysis.


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. (2020, May). AACTE State Policy Tracking Map: State Actions to Support EPPs and Teacher Candidates. https://aacte.org/resources/covid-19-resources/state-actions-covid19/

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