Principal Preparation

AACTE is committed to supporting its members in delivering high-quality school leader preparation programs. The following resources may be useful:

AACTE's Wallace Foundation Grant

Wallace Foundation logo Excellent school leadership is essential to school quality, educator satisfaction, and teacher effectiveness. The Wallace Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports efforts nationwide to improve school leadership, has awarded AACTE grants to serve as a communications partner for these initiatives. In this role, AACTE engages in disseminating research and other resources about education leadership as well as the promising practices emerging from the initiatives. AACTE has hosted webinars, organized sessions at the Annual Meeting, assisted in research efforts, and published blogs and other materials related to this work.

Most recently, AACTE hosted a webinar series in fall 2017 called “Principals as Transformation Leaders,” organized by AACTE and by Donna Cooner and Wendy Fothergill from Colorado State University, supported by The Wallace Foundation. These webinars examine new and persistent challenges faced every day by school leaders and offer ideas and approaches for the improved preparation and support of principals. Follow the links below to access archived recordings in AACTE’s Resource Library:

For more information about the 2017 webinar series, view the brochure.

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School Leadership Resources

Several organizations and associations provide resources for research, guidance, and tools that you can use to develop your school leadership course work and ensure programs are effective at meeting the needs of today's PK-12 learners.

AACTE's Principal Preparation Resources

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