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AACTE is committed to meeting members' needs and serving as a national voice and resource on behalf of the educator preparation profession. At the request of our members, we have compiled a set of resources on the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) Teacher Prep Review. These resources serve to bring more transparency to the full story behind the review process, institutions' history with NCTQ, and the collective concerns of the AACTE membership.

NCTQ released its latest Review in December 2016. Instead of providing an overall review of all teacher preparation programs (as done in previous iterations of the Review), NCTQ plans to release the Review in five stages over the next two years:

  • December 2016 – Undergraduate Elementary
  • Spring 2017 – Undergraduate Secondary
  • Fall 2017 – Graduate and Nontraditional Elementary
  • Spring 2018 – Graduate and Nontraditional Secondary
  • Later in 2018 – Traditional Elementary and Secondary Special Education

In previous surveys of AACTE member institutions, nearly 90% said that NCTQ did not serve as an appropriate and objective arbiter for such a wide-scale review of educator preparation program quality. Based on AACTE's interactions with NCTQ at the national level and our members' repeated experiences with the group over the years, we believe it is our responsibility to inform the public about the facts, experiences, and perspectives of our membership. To that end, the resources posted below chronicle member responses, media coverage, and research about the NCTQ reports. We’ve also prepared a response kit for AACTE members with exclusive tools, research links, and strategies to respond to local media inquiries and related needs.

Stay tuned to this web page and AACTE’s blog for the latest information about NCTQ.

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