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AACTE Announces New Technical Assistance Program

Alyssa Mangino,
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Featuring tools created for customized member assistance

Washington, DC (September 9, 2008) Accreditation is sometimes considered to be a lengthy and complex process that involves a significant amount of attention and patience but the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education(AACTE) is here to help!  AACTE announced today a brand new program that will provide membership with an innovative, comprehensive, and insightful road map through the accreditation course. 


Members can now access the first of AACTE’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the NCATE accreditation process featuring an FAQ document as well as a series of Podcasts that will provide basic information, updates, and help from experts, all at the click of a button!  As an additional way to enhance communication featured in the FAQ document, the new program will include Podcast interviews with AACTE Member accreditation experts.  Beginning in October, 2008 this feature serves as a contemporary way for AACTE to facilitate perspective commentary from leading colleagues in the field that is user friendly and easily accessible to the entire membership body on a monthly basis.  This feature highlights the work members are actively engaged in and provides perspectives from colleagues both of which are high priorities of our membership.   Similar kinds of assistance around the TEAC Process will be coming soon!

In addition to the FAQs and expert interview Podcasts, AACTE will offer a new Accreditation Consultant Technical Assistance Service.  This new feature will include:

  • On-site customized consulting
  • Distance accreditation consulting (electronic/phone)
  • Consultant reports for institutions
  • Online feedback & evaluation

The final component of the Technical Assistance Program will feature PEDS Calculation tools that will help in providing clarity for users of this database.   These tools utilize PEDS data already available to members through the AACTE website, in an easy-to-use Excel sheet format.  AACTE anticipates that this new service will become a valued resource for AACTE members that helps them create and analyze data using self-determined comparison and benchmarking groups. 
By creating resource documents, pathways for communication, and a link to tools for navigating the PEDS data, AACTE has responded to the top priorities for technical assistance identified by its members.

For more information on AACTE’s Technical Assistance Program, please visit our website.

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