More Lesson Planning: Discussing Generative AI Tools for Teacher Educators

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While the potential of AI in education is vast, its successful integration depends mainly on the proficiency of educators in leveraging these tools while maintaining a critical stance. In Part II of the AACTE Lunch & Learn, More Lesson Planning: Discussing Generative AI Tools for Teacher Educators, participants will review the AI tools outlined in Part I and dive deeper into the ethical considerations, such as data privacy, avoiding algorithmic biases, and ensuring that the implementation of AI is not only effective but responsible. 


Guy Trainin, Ph.D. 

Professor of Education 

University of Nebraska–Lincoln 

Guy Traininis a professor of education at the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. He focuses his research on teacher education, literacy integration with technology and the arts, and innovative schooling. In recent years, Trainin has been studying innovative educational practices and equity in Nebraska, India, and China, focusing on computer science, mobile devices, PBL (project-based learning), and creativity. He blogs at and podcasts at tech-edge on Apple podcasts and TechEdge01 on YouTube. Lately, he has been all about AI in teaching, research, and teacher education. 

The event is finished.


Feb 08 2024


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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