Innovative Best Practices for Embedding Global Education in K-12 Classrooms

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As part of the Global Education Faculty PLC Professional Development Series, you are invited to learn about tools and strategies designed to help embed global education within K-12 classrooms. Our interconnected, global society highlights the importance of globally competent teaching to help students make sense of complex topics and issues worldwide and prepare young people for global citizenship.

This webinar is for educators interested in developing students’ global competencies through classroom and community approaches. The goal is to showcase examples of pedagogy, practice, and actions teachers can employ with students in developing global competencies. Learn more about the self-reflection tool, the Globally Competent Learning Continuum, which pre-service and in-service teachers can use to gauge and enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in globally competent teaching.

The tool was developed in collaboration with ten globally competent teachers working in a range of grade levels, content areas, and geographic regions. Learn how this tool can be used by teachers and teacher educators to expand their pedagogical repertoires. Also, explore the power of global projects to break down stereotypes and build connections among students across the world. Learn more about The Global Read Aloud and about practical strategies for using inquiry to engage students in cross-cultural conversations, collaborative projects, and meaningful learning experiences.

Join moderator, Longview Fellow, and AACTE’s Global Diversity Committee member, Shea Kerkhoff, (University Missouri-St Louis) along with panelists Michael Kopish (Ohio University), Hillary Parkhouse (Virginia Commonwealth University), and global educator and author Pernille Ripp, as they share their tools and strategies on how to embed global education.

An audience Q&A will take place at the conclusion of the webinar.

The event is finished.


Jul 27 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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