Common Core State Standards

AACTE supports states' adoption of college- and career-ready standards. These standards represent a unified set of expectations across the country of what academic content knowledge and skills are required for students to be ready for credit-bearing college courses and careers. All states have adopted a higher set of academic standards, the most well-known being the Common Core State Standards. AACTE supports the standards' development and implementation and will continue to support our members' understanding of the initiative and provide resources to ensure that teacher candidates complete their programs ready to teach these higher standards.

AACTE has developed a set of resources including a webinar series, documents, guides, and more for colleges of education to support curriculum and programmatic changes to align with the new standards. We are also committed to providing examples of how institutions are supporting these higher academic standards, which are also included in our resource library. For more up-to-date information about the standards and related assessment initiatives, follow AACTE's blog, Ed Prep Matters.