Effective Tools to Support School Leader Licensure and Professional Development: Mentoring, Modeling, and Support

Thursday, November 3, 2016, 3:00–4:00 p.m. EDT

In several states, collaborative work among school districts, universities, and state agencies is supporting the development and deployment of new standards for school leaders’ preparation and practice. Hear from several participants in these partnerships about the instruments and other supports they’ve produced.

Learn about the successes and challenges that preparation programs have encountered and the national-level tools available to help programs assess outcomes and improve, including the UCEA INSPIRE Survey suite, CAEP standards for advanced programs, and the assessment of program outcomes based on the new National Educational Leadership Preparation standards.

Presenters will also discuss the new Wallace–funded University Principal Preparation Initiative, a $47 million investment in seven universities and their partner districts based on the research in Improving University Principal Preparation Programs: Five Themes From the Field. Learn about the importance of mentoring, program development, and collaboration across and among university programs that prepare principals and other school leaders.

This webinar is the fourth in this fall’s series “Raising the Bar and Enhancing Partnerships for Principal and Supervisor Preparation.” AACTE is grateful to The Wallace Foundation for its support of this series.

Recordings of the previous webinars are available here:


  • Erin Anderson, University of Denver
  • Daniel Reyes Guerra, Florida Atlantic University
  • Diana Pounder, INSPIRE Associate Director for Research, UCEA
  • Pamela Tucker, University of Virginia
  • Michelle Young, University of Virginia, Executive Director, University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA)

Moderator: Angela M. Sewall, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Location: Webinar

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