AACTE History Trivia Contest

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In what year was AACTE founded?

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Which of the following was one of the three organizations that merged to create AACTE?

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Whose vision laid out the blueprint for AACTE in 1948, earning him a distinction as the Association's founding father?

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Who was the first female president and chief executive officer of AACTE?

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What retiring AACTE leader was honored with an award in his name in 1980?

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What year did AACTE move to the National Education Association building in Washington, DC?

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In what city and state were the first AACTE constitution and bylaws adopted?

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What is a normal school?

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In which state was the first normal school created in America?

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In what year did AACTE establish the Journal of Teacher Education?

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During its first 70 years, how many chief executives has AACTE had?

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From its inception, AACTE has been concerned with

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How many individuals attended the AACTE Annual Meeting in 1960?

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In what city were the AACTE Annual Meetings held from 1952 through 1979?

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In 1948, how many institutions were AACTE members?

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In 1948, how many member institutions identified themselves as state teachers colleges?

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When AACTE was founded, where was the Association headquarters located?

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Who served as the first AACTE executive director from 1948 to 1951?

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In what year did AACTE reach a peak of 868 member institutions?

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In what year did AACTE assume ownership of the Holmes Scholars Program?

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