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AACTE is pleased to offer the State Chapter Support Grant Program for a fourth year, directing member dues toward strengthening the relationship between the state chapters and AACTE and supporting the development of state chapters through their initiatives. AACTE has increased the total award limit to no more than $10,000 to an existing state chapter or a consortium of chapters. Those interested in establishing a new chapter can apply for a chapter development grant. To qualify, applicants must complete the 2014 state chapter annual report prior to submitting their application. The deadline for all applications is Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 6:00 p.m. EDT. Applicants will be notified of awards by Monday, May 12, 2014. 

Application Eligibility

AACTE recently changed the eligibility requirements please download the full application to determine your chapter eligibility status.

Priority Areas

Applicants can apply for funds in the following priority areas. Please review the full application to determine which priority area your chapter is eligible to apply.

Policy/Advocacy: A chapter may apply for funds to establish or further strengthen a chapter's advocacy and legislative agenda at the state and/or federal level. Applicants must demonstrate how their proposed activities will support the priorities identified in the ACSR State Policy Principles, which were developed by the ACSR membership.

Professional Issues: A state chapter, or a consortium of chapters, may apply for funds to expand its work and presence on current professional issues. Topics in this priority area include clinical preparation, performance assessments, reciprocity issues across states and preparing candidates for the Common Core State Standards. 

Chapter Development and Capacity: Existing state chapters, or states seeking to establish a state chapter, may apply for funds not exceeding $5,000 in this priority area to expand their capacity, leadership, and relationship with AACTE.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should contain all of the following components:

  1. A list of all applicants in the chapter or consortium.
  2. A narrative describing the project goals, proposed activities, and implementation timeline and key milestones. 
  3. A budget containing an itemized breakdown of project expenses with a brief explanation of how the funds will be used. Please see the AACTE budget template for reference
  4. For state chapters applying as a consortium: Please provide a brief description of the collaborative work that is currently under way between your states. Letters of support from the chapters in the consortium must be submitted with the application.

Applicants with questions should contact Liz Ross, Manager of State Chapters and Programs, at 202-478-4515 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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