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Topical Action Groups (TAGs)

Topical Action Groups (TAGs) provide a forum for individuals from AACTE member institutions drawn together by a common interest or purpose within the field of educator preparation. The Association provides TAGs with operational funds, publicity, online meeting and administrative space, staff support, onsite meeting space for an annual business meeting in conjunction with the AACTE Annual Meeting, and the prestige of AACTE affiliation.

TAGs are unique in that they are initiated, organized, and managed by participants, yet are approved and overseen by the AACTE President. Generally, they deal with matters which a segment of the membership deems to be important to the state of educator preparation. Individuals from member institutions are welcome to apply to join an existing TAG, or start a new TAG around a new issue. TAGs can address a variety of topics that are deemed to be of importance for a finite or long-term period of time. Topics of new TAGs might include, but are not limited to: social media, online learning, admission and exit requirements, clinical preparation, STEM, assessment, research in educator preparation, common core state standards, or teacher performance assessment.

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