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School Leadership

Schools, colleges and departments of education produce the vast majority of all school personnel, including school leaders. The 2011 Professional Education Data System (PEDS) collection showed that more than half of AACTE members have school leadership programs.

AACTE is committed to supporting its members in delivering high-quality school leader preparation programs. In this section, members and others can find useful resources and learn more about AACTE's work to support members on school leadership issues.

The Wallace Foundation Grant

The Wallace Foundation Grant

Excellent school leadership is essential to school quality, educator satisfaction and educator effectiveness. AACTE members play a key role in developing successful principals.

The Wallace Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports efforts nationwide to promote better school leadership, recently awarded AACTE a grant to serve as one of its communications partners. In this role, AACTE will engage in disseminating research and other resources about education leadership, as well as the practices and research emerging from The Wallace Foundation's Principal Pipeline Initiative. As part of a multi-year initiative, The Wallace Foundation has provided grants to six school districts – Prince Georges County (MD), Charlotte-Mecklenberg (NC), Denver (CO), New York City, Hillsborough (FL), and Gwinnett County (GA) – to strengthen their local systems to ensure that corps of school leaders are properly trained, hired and developed on the job. 

Throughout the course of the coming year, AACTE will work with The Wallace Foundation in a variety of capacities to carry out the goal of improving school leadership preparation. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting sessions at AACTE's Annual Meeting and webinars. 

As part of the grant, AACTE will also survey its members to better understand the characteristics and condition of their school leadership programs. The Association will then use the findings to develop a multi-year plan that will help support member programs in creating and strengthening their school leadership preparation efforts.

This collaboration will provide AACTE members access to many important, valuable resources that The Wallace Foundation has developed on school leadership. 

For more information about the grant and ways your institution can become involved, please contact Mary Harrill-McClellan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

School Leadership Resources

School Leadership Resources

The following information includes resources for research, guidance and tools that AACTE members can use to develop their school leadership coursework and ensure programs are effective at meeting the needs of today's PK-12 learners.

The Wallace Foundation – School Leadership

With a collection of more than a decade's worth of school leadership research, The Wallace Foundation has long recognized the importance that effective school leadership has on school environments and educator effectiveness in the classroom. By providing access to their vast array of resources, The Wallace Foundation aims to improve school leadership preparation throughout the country.

University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA)

The University Council for Educational Administration is a consortium of higher education institutions committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children.

Center for Educational Leadership - University of Washington

The Center for Education Leadership (CEL) strives to close the achievement gap that leaves many students across the country lagging behind their peers academically. A service extension of the University Of Washington College Of Education, CEL provides support to faculty at every level of a school district.

National Association of Elementary School Principals

The National Association of Elementary School Principals supports current elementary school principals by providing them professional development opportunities and enabling them to serve as effective leaders in their learning communities.

National Association of Secondary School Principals

The National Association of Secondary School Principals provides resources and professional development to school leaders in middle and high school learning environments by representing the profession nationally and through advocacy efforts.