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AACTE President Issues Statement on Engagement with the National Council on Teacher Quality Print E-mail

Little more than a month has passed since the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released its 2013 Teacher Prep Review that included ratings of 1,100 higher education-based teacher preparation programs. Further, NCTQ has begun data collection for its 2014 review. It is no secret that many within the teacher preparation profession have taken issue with the review methodology and findings. These critics include AACTE.

AACTE is a voluntary membership organization that represents a collective voice and vision on behalf of our nation's educator preparation programs. This mission is essential to keep in mind, as it illustrates the absurdity of the rumor that AACTE not only told our members not to participate in NCTQ projects but that we have ostracized those who decided to participate.

We have always recognized and embraced the diversity of the individual decisions that our member institutions choose to make, and we welcome contrary views. We have supported members who participated, those who did not, and those who were compelled because of state open-records laws.

In the hype and controversy that have surrounded the most recent NCTQ review, AACTE's role has been mischaracterized. This official statement sets the record straight on this count.


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